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Check out our latest Who We Are video as Brendan and James talk about what makes our team so unique

A huge congrats to all members of our Munich team who supported last weekend’s Tailwind Charity Run. All the money raised will support children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

A huge congrats to all members of our Munich team who supported last weekend’s Tailwind Charity Run. All the money raised will support children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

4 Astonishing Facts about Big Data

1. Cloud content and service providers maintain over 17,000 datapoints on each subscriber. And unlike your credit score, there is no way to audit what data they have on you. Still think free cloud services are free?

2. When you store content in “the cloud”, you do not actually have a partition on a hardrive or server somewhere reserved for you. Within milliseconds of uploading your data, it is distributed across a global network of virtual machines. So if you have uploaded a selfie, you are now a world traveler!

3. Cloud providers not only mine the data you upload, but tie together relationships between subscribers and their data (whether friended or not). The most sophisticated high performance computers in the world reside inside mega data centers, constantly plotting the ties that bind us together. So whether divorced or not, you will always be married to your spouse in the cloud!

4. The majority of data that is uploaded is never accessed again, even though there is an expectation that it will be maintained forever. While people tend to file and sort data on their desktops and personal drives, the cloud tends to be used as a dumping ground. Kinda like storage units on a bad episode of Hoarders.

This post has been brought to you by Jim Theodoras, our senior director technical marketing

So far, 2014 has given us the XXII Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup (congrats to Germany!) and Gigabit Broadband. And while the excitement from the two major sporting events has already waned, the excitement over Gigabit Broadband is just getting started.

Over the past year, the number of proposed and live gigabit networks has accelerated. The question is whether these proposed networks are setting customer expectations too high – especially in markets where they are “investigating” the opportunity, but may never actually build.

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Our latest Who We Are video is live and this one’s all about David and Doug from our Atlanta campus

Our FSP 150CC-T1804 is the one box you need to make your network go farther than ever before. The one box you need to deliver differentiated Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services over legacy access infrastructures.

Hacking Fiber Networks 

Think your network is secure? Watch Uli Schlegel demonstrate how easy it is to steal your data. 

Check out Gil Biran’s WSTS 2014 slides as he lifts the lid on our first ever mobile network operator synchronization survey.

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Random 100G Encryption Facts

Did you know that…

… the amount of possible combinations of AES-256 is equal to what scientists guess the total number of atoms in the entire universe is. More specifically, this is a one with 77 zeroes

… 100g is also the standard weight of a bar of chocolate in Europe

… besides the WDM functionality of our 100G encryption modules, the modules could also be used to form a private encryption solution, feeding the signal into any OTU4-capable, existing network.

This 100G message is brought to you by ADVA Optical Networking’s Uli Schlegel, our business development director and data center guru.

Introducing Big Data Transport  

Our Big Data Transport technology is engineered for a new era of data center connectivity. Built on a foundation of efficiency, scale and security, it’s a new standard for cloud infrastructures.