The Buzz

by ADVA Optical Networking

Transformation at EMC World

Transformation was clearly this year’s motto at EMC World. Everything shows a move towards virtualization, whether its storage, networks or computers themselves. That means cloud computing and XYZ as a Service is still a big thing. Also Big Data, which was last year’s buzz word, is still something that moves the industry.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and software-defined datacenters have been announced by the various hardware manufacturers namely EMC, Brocade and Cisco. Also companies like Ciena and ADVA Optical Networking are showing their solutions and ideas on SDN for optical networks.

Most of the things here are not really new, especially in regards to the hardware side when dealing with datacenter networking. The switching guys are still talking about their various Ethernet fabrics like Juniper Networks’ QFabric and Broacde’s VCS technology. Speaking of Brocade, they recently renamed their Fibre Channel products, showing a move away from the 4, 8, and 16G speed to generations. Now Gen 5 is the new name for their latest generation of FC SAN switches.

Cisco announced their 16G FC technology a few weeks ago and I saw the actual product here for the first time.  It’s kind of funny that they made this move, or were forced to by the market, after pushing FCoE for the last couple of years. In conclusion, it seems that we will see Fibre Channel around for quite some time rather than anything else taking its place …